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· This revolutionary method of preparing the coffee drink is one of many that helps enhance the intrinsic qualities of the grain.

· The winner of the championship will receive as a jackpot go to represent Colombia in the world championship in London in November 2019.

Bogotá, septiembre 27 de 2019 (Prensa FNC) – Este sábado 28 de septiembre los capitalinos podrán disfrutar del 4º Campeonato Nacional de Aeropress, que tendrá lugar en el Centro Comercial Plaza de las Américas de la 1:00 a las 7:00 p.m.

The revolutionary, easy-to-use coffee brewing method in Aeropress is versatile and very practical for home use.

The most recent edition of this important championship, to which more than 40 baristas – former coffee makers – from the most recognized coffee shops in the country, is organized by the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) and its Café de Colombia; the Perfect Love chain and the Plaza de Las Américas Shopping Center.

The winner of the championship, whose main sponsors are Bunn, Parque del Café, Racafe, Café La Morelia, Juan Valdez and Innovakit, will receive as a grand prize go to represent Colombia in the world specialty championship in London next November. FNC-driven coffee preparation championships contribute to raising the culture and consumption of coffee in Colombia, and to positioning the quality of Colombian coffee in the world.