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·   El brazo logístico de la FNC obtuvo dos medallas Gourmet y una de bronce con tres cafés de Cauca y Cundinamarca.

· Almacafé has achieved these awards for the second consecutive year, which demonstrates the consistency of the roasting process and ratifies it as a master roaster of coffee at origin.

Bogotá, October 24, 2019 (Press FNC) – Almacafé, logistics arm of the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC), obtained three awards to the coffee roasters at the origin granted by the Agency for the Valuation of Agricultural Products (AVPA, Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles) based in Paris.

In this fifth edition of the contest, Almacafé won two Gourmet medals in the Sweet Fruity and Sweet Acidulated category with Cauca (Popayán) and Cundinamarca coffees, and a bronze medal in the Aromatic Sweet category with a Cauca coffee (Popayán).

These new recognitions demonstrate the consistency of the roasting process that Almacafé carries out in its modern Soacha plant and ratifies it as a master coffee roaster at the origin, a trend of the industry that gains strength.

The contest presented 200 coffees from countries as diverse as Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, USA (Hawaii), Honduras, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, Gabon, Mexico and the Philippines.

Roasting coffees at the source, as Almacafé does, helps the producers represented by the FNC to capture a larger portion of the value chain.

With the impulse of movements such as barismo, the consumer is increasingly willing to pay more for a coffee than he expects to receive a complete gastronomic pleasure, one of the trends that the AVPA supports through the contest.

The contest is open to producers (individual or organized in associations or cooperatives) who assume responsibility for its roasting, as well as to roasters in producing countries that guarantee the traceability of their coffees.