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Los mayores productores de arábica del mundo planean acciones conjuntas para revertir la crisis de precios del café, cuyos detalles serán presentados en el II Foro Mundial de Productores de Café (FMPC)   Brasilia, junio 14 de 2019 (Prensa FNC) – Los representantes de la producción cafetera de Brasil y Colombia se reunieron hoy en el Ministerio de Agricultura, Pecuaria y Abastecimiento (Brasil), en Brasilia, para sellar una alianza en la búsqueda de soluciones a la persistente crisis de precios del café. 

After 10 months of the last meeting between the leaders last August, coffee prices continue below production costs, aggravating the impoverishment of coffee regions around the planet and making the future supply of coffee to consumers uncertain.

The response of the rest of the value chain at this time, despite multiple attempts at dialogue by the countries and the World Producers Forum (FMPC), has been unsatisfactory.

At today’s meeting, the leaders of Colombia and Brazil consolidated the alliance for the development of actions on various fronts, such as bringing producers closer to final consumers and increasing value at source, so that the wealth generated by throughout the chain it is better distributed, guaranteeing the economic sustainability of the producers and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

They also agreed to insist on the importance of market transparency and that the coffee futures contract reflects its realities without the interference of external factors that affect prices and increase uncertainty.

The two countries consider it essential to promote that Intercontinental Exchange – ICE and the United States Government regulate the participation of non-commercial actors in coffee futures contracts, as well as other measures to increase transparency in price formation and effectiveness of risk coverage tools.

Similarly, the viability and impact of the management of coffee inventories at origin is analyzed. Reaffirming the commitment to balance between supply and demand, Brazil and Colombia, acting with the FMPC, will actively promote the implementation of a global project to increase consumption in producing countries, as well as joint scientific work to develop alternative uses of coffee .

The details of the actions discussed today will be presented at the II World Forum of Coffee Producers, on July 10 and 11, 2019, in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. National Federation of Coffee Growers of ColombiaConselho Nacional do Café – CNCCooperativa dos Cafeicultores da Zona de Varginha – MinasulConfederação da Agricultura e Pecuária do Brasil – CNAAssociação Brasileira de Cafés Especiais – BSCAAssociação dos Sindicatos dos Produtores Rurais do Sul de Minas – ASSULSociety OC – Brasilia SRB Parlamentar do Café Front